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  • Skin Syndicate Planet Stem Cell Cream

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      Skin Syndicate Planet Stem Cell Cream. The Most Powerful Breakthrough for Erasing Wrinkles without Botox. The function of human stem cells in our skin is to regenerate tissue and replenish dying cells. When we get older they start to die off and our body produces less. That’s when we start seeing the ugly effects of aging in our skin.

      The Reprint Stem Cell System uses 100% plant-based stem cells cultivated from a very rare Uttwiler Sp├Ątlauber apple tree grown in Switzerland.

      These stem cells rejuvenate your skin by awakening your body’s own reservoir of undifferentiated stem cells. Not only will they reduce the appearance of fine lines, deep lines and other age-related imperfections, this cutting-edge extract will make your skin look smoother, tighter, healthier and younger much, much younger. Just imagine! new, fresh, perfect skin cells, undamaged by age, sun or pollution? No wonder why stem cells are the most revolutionary discovery to hit the skin care industry in the last 20 years.