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  • Get the Tupperware Quick Chef -as used by Reggie Bush & Chef Stuart OKeefe Chop -Make Salsas-and so much more! at Tupperware

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      Get the coolest tool for your kitchen – as seen on Private Chefs of Beverly Hills, used by Tupperware’s Chef Stuart O’Keefe,  Seen on Rachel Ray with Reggie Bush making fresh Mango Salsa in this Tupperware Quick Chef.  One of the best chopping gadgets you can own!

      Tupperware created this NON electric (GREEN FRIENDLY)  Food Chopper, Processor, Whipper and more!  Chop all your veggies, nuts, and other goodies, plus you can make salsas and even make a quick one minute ice cream in this amazing Tupperware Tool!

      Put in the whip and mix salad dressings, puddings and anything else you want to whip and mix.  Great to take camping no electric required!